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Protective Security

Security Side Ltd. delivers a bespoke security package to every individual client. We are able to comfortably adapt to any given chain of events and locations, providing you with the best possible personal security package.

  • Static Guarding Services

Our Static Guarding service encompasses a number of security services that protect your company and its valuable assets by effectively guarding your premises and controlling access to them in a professional and diligent manner.

  • Mobile Protection Services

We provide escort services to protect your business and to transport clients safely and securely

  • Escort using Soft Skin / Armored Vehicles

With our nationwide network of vehicles (Soft-skin / B6 Armored), we are ready to attend your site, whenever you need us.

Security Project Services

PREPARING Design and develop the project, site security plans, and all aspects of the security program for the client including:

  • Security reviews & audit
  • Risk assessments
  • Threat analysis & reporting

Logistic Services

We provide a comprehensive range of all logistic services
Security Side Ltd. offers an all-inclusive package that covers a wide range of security services and solutions, extended to accommodations, transportation, and visas

  • Supply Chain

Through our highly capable staff we provide supply chain services from local & international markets. All products, goods, equipment & devices meet the requirement of our clients & comply with local regulations; all these services are in accordance with national & international standards.

  • Arabic-English Translation Service

We conduct daily business with Libyan companies and government entities and have a strong Libyan team who are able to provide high-quality translation services.

  • Graphics & Printing Support

Our architects, graphics designers and artists are able to assist you in developing in-house documents, presentation and submissions. We are able to provide professional printing

support in any volume.

  • ICT Support

Our ICT staff are fully trained in both hardware and software design, installation,

maintenance and troubleshooting. We are also able to assist in communications solutions, countrywide.

  • Procurement Services

We have an extensive vendor network and are able to provide our clients a secure and fast procurement process to suit any requirement.

  • Our procurement initiatives include:
  • ICT/ Communications Equipment, Maintenance, Training and Repairs
  • Medical Equipment & Supplies
  • Vehicles – Armored or Soft Skin
  • Administration Requirements – office furniture, office supplies and equipment
  • Life Support/ laundry Items – bath, cleaning, linen, personal items

Risk Management

Security Side’s expert team provides unique and tailored solutions in risk management.


The embedded security manager program involves the application of an end-to-end process to establish security threats and risks and identify vulnerabilities and management strategies to protect a client’s personnel and business operations.

Opening Business

If you are planning to start your business in Libya, have opportunities in the Libyan market, or already operating in Libya, you need support to succeed.

The opening Business unite “Package” is what you are looking for, though the services within this package we can provide our clients with.